My Journey as a Rotaract

My name is Rtr. Bishal Aryal and I am here to share with you all about my awesome journey as a Rotaractor. Being a part of a social organization like Rotaract has helped me gain that extra confidence, improve my leadership skills and eventually teach me the real meaning of life.

General Member 2016-2017

I started my Rotaract journey in the year 2016, contributing as a general member at the Rotaract Club of Tinau City. As a general member, I learned a lot from improving my communication skills to knowing the importance of social organization in our society. Moreover, one of the most important things I did was socialize and connect with board members, core members, and other individuals who are usually around us, but we never notice.

Club Promotion Officer 2017-2018

The year 2018 is the period when I actually got the chance to be one of the core members of our club. As a Club Promotion officer, I was provided with the golden opportunity to show my digital marketing skills in increasing the reach of our club to more and more people.

Director of Professional Services 2018-2019

After providing the service of a club promotion officer, I got the chance to serve as Director of Professional Services the following year. Here, I understood reviewing suggestions and developing plans to provide opportunities for professional development for the club’s membership. It was my responsibility in developing programs designed to provide information about a broad cross-section of businesses and professions. When it all came to an end, I successfully conducted mind-blowing professional development projects helping our members in individual growth.

General Member 2019-2020

2020 was surely a year full of struggle. Therefore I opt to stay in the General Member position. However, it was totally a different experience this year. I got the chance to meet new youth and could observe Rotaract’s journey from their eyes. I motivated many new members and helped them stick to Rotaract. But I wasn’t holding back and came back with a bang in 2021 and actively contributed towards my club.

Joint Treasurer 2020-Present

Learning Finance is important. Thus, I fetched a golden opportunity to develop methods and means of financing any and all club activities that require finances in collaboration with the relevant committee. Learning Finance is important. Thus, I fetched a golden opportunity to develop methods and means of financing any and all club activities that require finances in collaboration with the relevant committee. It’s challenging, but I feel blessed and always thank my club for helping me in my overall growth throughout this journey.


·  Club Promotion Officer 2017-2018: Awarded as the best-emerging Rotractor of the year

·  Club Promotion Officer 2017-2018: Awarded as best program coordinator

·  Director of Professional Services 2018-19: Awarded as best program coordinator

Travelling and Experiencing different culture

Rotaractors are doing incredible things all around the world! Meeting another Rotaractor from around the globe gives you a fresh perspective and ideas on how we can do more with Rotaract. I was fortunate to have met Rotaractors from Sworgadwari, Illam and Darjeeling. The experience was truly inspirational.

Meeting Rotaractors from all around the world opens up new possibilities for collaboration. I recall having a brief brunch with Rotaractors from Besi Sahar and being so pleased to learn about each other’s initiatives and activities.

It was also nifty traveling to attend Rotaract District Assembly. I comprehended that Rotaract District Assembly is the yearly ceremony at which the District Rotaract Representative and the District Steering Committee are formally installed for the upcoming Rotaract year.

Given an abstract of my Journey as a Rotaractor

I’m not sure what Rotaract has provided anyone, but the most valuable thing that Rotaract has given me is the opportunity to make several friends and many lasting memories.

I used to ask myself at the end of each year, “What are your wonderful recollections from this year, Bishal?” And I had a lot of Rotaract Club of Tinau City-related memories every year. Aside from having fun, making jokes, bonding, learning, and discovering with Rotaract. There were numerous memories associated with the events, and they brought serenity to the soul.

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