How WordPress Has Changed My Life

How WordPress Has Changed My Life Bishal Aryal

My name is Bishal Aryal and this is the story “How WordPress Has Changed My Life.” I realize the headline seems a little excessive, but it’s the truth! So, I was hoping you could keep reading to find out how WordPress transformed my life.

WordPress has transformed my life. Sit tight! It’s not a holy shift, but it was a really wonderful change, so bear with me. While it was not the reason I began writing, producing, and designing, it did cause me to become more focused on building more meaningful interactions with others.

What exactly is WordPress?

WordPress is a type of tech software that has become the most popular content management system and creates blogs. WordPress users may construct and maintain websites using a centralized administration dashboard that includes a text editor for editing content, menus, and numerous design features.

For me, WordPress was the perfect CMS that served me a lot and even didn’t require any prior programming knowledge. Years back, when I switched from a different CMS to WordPress, I witnessed a community eager to support a project and see it grow. I grew up among other individuals who wanted to do something with WordPress, whether it was to create plugins or themes or to educate others on how to use it. I grew and learnt from folks who were establishing a WordPress-focused business.

How big is WordPress Community?

That equates to almost 2,333,333 new posts each day, 97,222 per hour, and 1,620 postings per minute! Given that the average post is roughly 300 words, we’re talking about over half a million words produced on WordPress every minute. Source

When I was new to WordPress, I supposed it to be a hyped CMS, but I was shocked by the fact that WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems in the world, powering 34% of all websites on the internet. Furthermore, WordPress holds a 60.8 per cent market share in the CMS industry.

As a newbie, I wanted to learn everything about WordPress. This was when WordPress Community guided me to this wonderful experience in learning about this awesome CMS.

WordCamps and Meetups

I like and value contributing to the open-source project as an active member of the WordPress community. WordPress Butwal has assisted me a lot, and WordCamps are the time when we give that back to the community.

How big is WordPress Community?

We place high importance on sharing our knowledge with the community. We like attending conferences and meetups about subjects ranging from web development to marketing to design and beyond.

WordCamp Butwal 2020

It experiences being part of WordCamp Butwal 2020. WordCamp Butwal 2020 was a success, with 250+ WordPress It was a great experience being part of WordCamp Butwal 2020. WordCamp Butwal 2020 was a success, with 250+ WordPress Developers, Bloggers, computer geeks, and students attending at The Darbar Lawn in Yogikuti.

WordCamp Butwal 2020 - Bishal Aryal
WordPress Butwal Team

I was responsible for using my expertise in managing all the printing items like swags and t-shirt. It was hard to design a favourable illustration that could represent our city, Butwal and WordPress in a single image. However, we finally succeeded in getting the best out of our creative minds.

It’s an honour for me to accept the “Token of Love” on behalf of Techinfonepal.

Shorty, Our WordPress community, has the potential to be fantastic. If you believe you don’t know anyone, consider the fact that you’re reading this post. You are welcome to contact me. WordPress has the life-changing will make you technologically independent, build your confidence and support your business.

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